12th June

Little Owl Update: Our nesting pair continue to show incredibly well, with continuous and consistent activity, averaging three hours or more during the morning and again in the evening. When we say continuous activity, it means just that. The owls arrive at the window, land on the perches, then return to the window where they are out of sight for just 15 seconds! Then they return and repeat the process again and again. The male has developed a regular flight path to the central perch which means you can pre-focus and capture the owl in flight as it lands. You may have missed: We now allow remote cameras with the little owls at predesignated sites! You can now shoot with your photo buddy as we have increased capacity with additional seating!

Badger Update: The badger cubs emerged briefly at 5:48pm last evening! The main activity began again around 8:00pm as usual. An adult and cubs spent over an hour foraging, in good light, over the grass banks in front of the hide. They then returned later under the LED floodlights. The LED floodlights are not yet ready for photography, but perfect viewing light where you can watch them throughout the night, if you wish to stay overnight. You can happily photograph up to 9:30pm and later with higher ISOs.