Autumn beckons for buzzards!

With the end of summer looming, our attention has already switched to the upcoming Autumn/Winter season. Essentially, this means reassigning some of the hides for birds of prey such as buzzard and red kite. For this next season, we’ll be working on three hides to bring you plenty of buzzard photo opportunities with our stunning light morph buzzards perched on gate posts, feeding on the ground, and perched in branches/boughs.

The single-seater PhotoHut Mini™ (a.k.a. Little Owl Hide) will be relocated to an area that is used by buzzards, little owl and kestrel – using gate and fence posts for perching portraits and flight shots. The large 3-seater PhotoHut™ will be geared toward some ground-feeding, but also perching on gnarly tree branches with beautifully clear backgrounds. The PhotoArks™ are already just below the traditional nest site for the pale morph buzzards and we’ll be gearing these toward ground-feeding on carrion.