Friends & Partners

Helen Browning’s Organic Eastbrook Farm

The farm stretches across 1,400 acres over the north Wiltshire Downs, right on the Oxfordshire and Berkshire borders. Helen Browning has run the place since 1986, when she started to move it towards organic status. About 3,000 organic pigs live here (and roaming large parts of it) at any one time, aged from an hour (or a minute) to 10 years old.

Visit Helen Browning's Organic Eastbrook Farm and The Royal OaK websiteHelen Browning’s Organic produces about 950,000 litres of organic milk every year from 170 dairy cows, which goes partly to the Organic Milk Supply Co-op, and partly to our local organic processor Berkeley Farm, just down the road. From the dairy herd we produce, as you might expect, a further 170 young animals each year – some are destined for a life as a dairy cow here; some we sell as beef; and some we sell (and consume) as pink or rose veal. Aside from livestock, we grow wheat for bread-making and animal feed; peas for animal feed; oats for porridge and muesli, and sometimes barley for the brewing industry.”


One to One with Raptors

Clive Hill has been instrumental in establishing ProHides. Clive works at Helen Browning’s Organic Eastbrook Farm and carved out a role as their naturalist and conservation officer – among many other responsibilities. With a passion for birds of prey and over 15 years experience in keeping a variety of species, Clive Hill’s One to One with Raptors shares a great passion for these magnificent birds by giving you the opportunity to meet the birds face to face. From their base in the Thames Valley, just outside Pangbourne in Berkshire, One to One with Raptors are able to travel to venues within a 60 mile radius. Currently, the Raptor Team consists of Common Kestrel, Barn Owl, European Eagle Owl, Red Kite, European Goshawk, Peregrine Falcon and Harris Hawk.

“I have had a life-long interest in the countryside and natural history and grew up in rural Buckinghamshire in the days before computers and i-phones. All my spare time was spent exploring the fields around the family home and one of my earliest memories is of the noisy sparrows in the thatched roof of the pub opposite my parents’ house. Sadly, not such a common noise these days.

After going to Agricultural College in the late 1970s I have spent my whole working life on farms, which are the ideal workplace for anyone with an interest in Natural History and particularly birds. My particular passion is birds of prey and I have kept, and flown, raptors for the past 15 years. During that time I have seen the huge level of interest that people have in being able to see raptors “eye to eye” and wanting to share my passion for these amazing birds was the reason “One to One with Raptors” came into being.” Clive Hill

Whether it is in the classroom, working to the National Curriculum, or to a more general group meeting or talk, One to One with Raptors can bring their team of birds to you and adapt presentations to suit your particular needs. From a very basic “What is a bird?” to a more advanced “Food Chains and Webs” the team can help in delivering the chosen message to any given audience.