Little owl chicks now fledging

Last year, the little owl fledglings hung around until the end of August and were still frequent visitors to the old barn roost through to the middle of September. Unfortunately, it looks like this season’s brood has bigger wider plans and are leaving pretty quickly. One fledgling has already left, leaving two behind. The most mature is already flying off to nearby trees and barn roof-tops.

The youngest now has its training wings on and is flying to the perches and to the hide roof. We have no idea how long they will be around for. With the chicks out and about, the adult female has become very wary and agitated and is now feeding in shorter sessions at either end of the day.

If the fledglings move on, then our plan is to relocate the hide back to the original roost sites – either the Shepherd Hut or Old Barn. We’ll change the setup completely, so there will be new perches all geared toward photographing the little owls in flight. As always, stay tunes to our Twitter feed for regular updates.