PhotoArks™ open for badgers – Book soon!

After some delay in repositioning the PhotoArks (farm was cutting silage), we moved these unique and unorthodox ‘ark’ hides into their new location with outstanding and rather immediate results. We set-up an automatic peanut feeder and – unlike their cousins up on the hill – they tucked in straight from the off. The younger badgers have been emerging as early as 7:00pm with the older clan members joining in after 8:00pm. Times vary, obviously, but their visits have been consistent, with just a couple of late appearances.

The PhotoArks, provide an intimate eye-level view of the badgers as they forage across the open ground, on the logs and tree stumps laid out. You lay prone inside using our tripod head plates for your camera, or you can sit upright and use your tripod. The floor is covered with thick rubber padding with inflatable Thermorest™ type camping matts and an additional layer of comfort on top of that. Everybody who’s used the PhotoArks so far has loved them!

You have the option of staying overnight, which we do recommend as there is less risk of disturbing the badgers and you have the chance of a sunrise shot too. We’ve had 5 clients in the past week! If you’re considering having a go, please do book soon while there is availability and later sunsets.