Badger PhotoArks™

The field badgers are located within a mature hedgerow at the foot of a hill. Our unique PhotoArk™ hides and automatic peanut feeder are situated in a narrow strip of land, set-aside for wild bird seed and bees. The badger hides face West with the sun setting to the front and right of the hide, gilding the badgers in warm evening sidelight and backlight.

Directly in front of the hide, the terrain is completely flat, with the mature hedgerow to your left. The viewing is very clear and the backdrop is short vegetation and the slope of the field (several hundred metres away) producing beautiful distraction-free badger photographs with mushy foregrounds and backgrounds. Everything is natural.

The Essentials

Main Subject: European Badger

Other Subjects: Fox, Rabbit

Season: May to August

Times: 5:30pm to 10:00pm

Capacity: One Photographer

EQV Focal Length*: 300-600mm

Photo Opps: Portraits, feeding

Habitat: Open field, wildflowers

Position: Faces 240° West

Viewing: 500x800mm, shutter, scrim

Accessibility: Flat ground, 50m walk

Type of Hide: PhotoArk

*Focal Length: All ProHide sites are designed using full-frame DSLRs and a variety of lenses. The primary testing lenses are a 400mm f/2.8 and 600mm f/4. If you have a crop-factor DSLR, then multiply your lens’ focal length by the crop factor. For example, 300mm lens x 1.6x crop factor = EQV 480mm

The Badger PhotoArks™

There are two PhotoArks™ in position for the badgers with a capacity of one photographer per PhotoArk™. For their size, a surprisingly comfortable space awaits you, with internal measurements of 2.3m (8ft) in length, 1.9m (6ft) wide and over 1m (4ft) high. There’s plenty of room for your camera bags and food. At the front, a shutter and black scrim, keep you out of sight, but allow you to have a good view across the scene. The entrance to these unorthodox hides is a relatively narrow hatchway measuring 500mm wide by x 800mm high and you crawl in head first.

It may sound strange, but it’s probably the best view of badgers without laying in the field pretending to be a peanut! A lot more agreeable on the joints too! We do recommend staying overnight as there is less chance of disturbing the badgers. The hatch door has spring-loaded bolts for security. There is an inflatable mattress, sleeping bag, and internal light provided inside.

Photographing from the PhotoArk™

Each PhotoArk™ is designed for a single photographer to use exclusively, with two PhotoArks™ in position side-by-side. You won’t be sharing, so please do not worry about getting in anybody’s way. These hides are designed for low-level photography, standing just 30cm from the ground. I offer complimentary use of my tripod ground plates – constructed from machined metal block, with a ⅜ thread, they are perfect for mounting a tripod-head. They enable you to move the camera position from side to side, while providing a rock-solid platform for your camera and lens.

There is space if you prefer to use a tripod, but we recommend using the plates for the lower angle. Simply bolt your tripod head on to the plate and away you go. If you want to use your tripod, then it needs to open wide for low-level work. Alternatively you can used a double beanbag.  To increase your comfort, padded rubber flooring has been installed along with a self-inflating camping mattress and cushioned pad.

The hide is completely blacked out inside, but there is enough light coming through the front window for to set-up your gear, plus a small overhead LED light. It is advisable to bring a head-torch for overnight stays. The PhotoArks™ are fully insulated, so during the night the ambient temperature inside the hides remains comfortable.

Badger Hide Booking

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Upon payment, you will immediately receive a booking confirmation email – please contact us ASAP if you do not receive this. Shortly before your booking date, you will also receive full joining instructions via email, including the meeting location.

Cancellation Policy

Please do contact us as soon as possible if you are unable to make your booking. We can arrange to either reschedule, offer vouchers so that you can rebook when at your convenience, or refund your payment. Unfortunately, we cannot accept cancellations within 14 days of your booking, as it will be extremely difficult to fill at short notice. Cancellations within 14 days are non-refundable. For more information, please view the ProHides Terms & Conditions.

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