Summer Bookings 2017

We will be opening bookings for our summer Little Owl and Badger hides on 1st February 2017. Now’s the time to get your preferred dates in for the Little Owl hide, as it has become extremely popular with very high demand in 2016. Both the Little Owl Hide and Badger PhotoArks will be open from mid-May and we expect activity right through to the end of July, at the very least.

The Little Owl adults become very active in spring, nesting from mid-April with the male ferrying food to the female. As a guide, last year, our first clients were in the hide from 11th May, after Richard and myself had already photographed them solidly for at least a week. Unfortunately, specific dates cannot be given at this point, for obvious reasons. We’re hoping (fingers crossed!) the Little Owls elect to nest in the old Farmhouse once again, as this provided so many wonderful photo opportunities. But, fear not. Their other historical nest sites are equally photogenic, with the old Shepherd Hut and rusty Old Barn among them.

If you’re wanting to photograph the adults looking their best, opt for dates in May and June. For the fluffy chicks, select dates from mid-June onwards. As the chicks grow and become more demanding, the adults begin to lose condition and become a little scruffy. Click here for more information.


The cute badgers cubs are active from the very end of April, but with these hides we have to wait for sunset to be approximately 8:30pm or later, in order to provide you with a long enough session and value for money. These PhotoArks proved very popular for their short season in 2016, with everybody exclaiming on the low-angle, eye-level perspective. Adults and cubs are photographable here in open ground, with up to 8 badgers in attendance. Click here for more information.

Why not double up? Enjoy a wonderful evening with the badgers and then photograph the little owls the next day? You can stay in the PhotoArks overnight, or stay in the new Helen Browning ‘Hotel’ boasting 12 luxury rooms with their classic quirky style.

Please note: The information provided is a guide only and (as with anything wild) there are no guarantees.