WWS® Dome Hide

For particular subjects and locations, we are using the traditional 1-person WWS® Large Dome Hide. These are practical and flexible allowing photography on all four sides. The use of Dome Hides, also allows us to gauge the popularity of any given site. If there is strong enough demand, we will make the investment and convert the Dome Hide into a PhotoHut™ or PhotoHut Mini™ and relocate the Dome Hide for a new subject. We am always on the look out for more wildlife and the discreet Dome Hide enables us to do just that.

For any self-respecting British wildlife photographer, Kevin Keatley’s Wildlife Watching Supplies® is synonymous with the highest quality camouflage equipment. The Large Dome Hide is one of their most popular products used up and down the country and further afield by photographers and film-makers alike – including the BBC Natural History Unit and BBC’s Springwatch and Autumnwatch teams. “When I first conceived of ProHides at Eastbrook, Wildlife Watching Supplies® was at the top of the list for suppliers of our Dome Hides, Snoots and other equipment.” Elliott Neep

Constructed from proofed and breathable poly-cotton material in various camo patterns, the WWS® Large Dome Hide measures 1.5m² at the base and 1.49m high at centre. The ProHides modified WWS® Dome Hides feature a detachable camo snoot, ground sheet, large side windows and zip rear door opening. The breathability of poly-cotton material performs really well in the summer (keeping you cooler) and in the winter the breathability prevents condensation building up on the inside of the hide. Plus, in windy conditions, poly-cotton does not ‘rustle’ like that cheap scratchy nylon.

As part of the ongoing development at Eastbrook, we will be developing sites along with other subjects to include seasonal and visiting wildlife, plus roe deer, brown hare, buzzards, etc. The first stage in any of these sites is the installation of a  WWS® Dome Hide.