PhotoHut Mini™ The solo wildlife photographers hide

Our philosophy is simple: “Comfort equals focus“. If you are comfortable, you can focus more intently on your photography. Tales of woe and hardship make great stories for workshops and presentations, but do not necessarily translate into better images.

If your backside is numb from sitting on a wooden bench and your neck cramping because of an ill-conceived shooting height, you’re certainly not going to be enjoying the experience as much as you could, or indeed should. Simply put, some thoughtful planning, quality engineering and height adjustable comfortable chairs make a huge difference.

This 1.5m² ‘single photographer’ timber hide is built to the same exacting standards as its bigger brother, The PhotoHut™: using heavy duty tanalised 4×2″ timbers, fully-lined (inside and out) with exterior grade hardwood plywood, packed with Celotex 50mm insulation boards and fitted with ventilation ducts to keep the interior more comfortable for the summer months.

The exterior shutters are opened via pulleys and cords from inside. WWS® scrim nets or snoots cover the windows. Inside, the interior is completely blacked out and there are no bright or reflective surfaces. Finishing touches include an extremely comfortable height-adjustable swivel chair, sturdy integrated shelf, solid aluminium tripod-head plates, and a very quiet battery-powered fan.

PhotoHut Mini™ is also semi portable. The timber construction has been over-engineered so the entire hide can be picked up with the farm’s JCB fork-lift and relocated. The PhotoHut Mini™ has shooting apertures on all four sides for a greater range of shots with the available sunlight. The hide has been built to work with 500mm timber platforms if a higher shooting height is needed.